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Boost Juice Bars

Currently, All Berry Bang is the Most Popular drink with the most sales of Boost Juice Bars. Ingredients of this drink are strawberry, raspberry, blueberry, apple juice that combined with strawberry yogurt and ice to create a smooth sweet, and slightly sour taste of strawberry and raspberry.

Besides, Mango Magic (mango, banana, mango juice, yoghurt vanilla, and ice) and Green Tea Mango Mantra (mango, green tea, mango juice, yoghurt vanilla, yorbet, and iced) are the next two smoothies in the trio Boost Juice Bars’s favorites.

Can Customers choose juice according to their preferences?

You can choose your juices. Boost Juice Bars offers two ingredients for Customers to create a new juice. The main ingredients include oranges, pineapple, watermelon, carrot. You can use these fruits in an unlimited combination. Additional elements include blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, banana, mango, passion fruit to complement your juice.

Does Boost Juice Bars ensure freshness and food hygiene and safety?

Boost Juice Bars has the criterion of accompanying a healthy lifestyle, so we always bring drinks with fresh fruits, rich in nutrients, preserved by modern technology, and replenishes essential energy sources for the muscles.

Besides, Boost Juice Bars has been granted a certificate of food hygiene and safety from the Food Safety Management Board – HCMC People’s Committee. Accordingly, all tools such as blender, juicer, juice chiller … are disinfected (the type used in kitchen utensils) continuously to ensure hygiene for each water dish. Boost Juice Bars staff members must clean their hands with soap and water as soon as they enter the dispensing counter. That is the reason why Boost Juice Bars always ensures hygiene, helps Customers feel secure to enjoy and enjoy an energy-rich day.

How to restore fruits and vegetables of Boost Juice Bars?

Boost Juice Bars’s fruits are preserved using Individual Quick Frozen (IQF) technology. Fruits are frozen from the inside out to help keep the freshness, not sticking together and maintains the nutritional value of fruits and vegetables.

In addition, fresh fruit products are stored in the freezer at a reasonable temperature and used within the day to keep the quality of the fruit.

Does Boost Juice Bars import the ingredients from Australia?

Boost Juice Bars has imported ingredients that are not popular in Vietnam such as blueberries, Raspberry… The other fruits are selected directly in Vietnam with quality suppliers to ensure the freshness of fruits and vegetables.

I am allergic to milk, so what should I do with the milk ingredients of Boost Juice Bars?

Boost Juice Bars can replace low-fat milk with soy milk that helps Customers drink Boost Juice Bars without fear of allergies.

Should I drink what kinds of Boost Juice Bars when I often go to the gym?

Protein Smoothies of Boost Juice Bars provides Whey Protein that has much protein and can xi, low fat that helps against oxidation. Also, each Protein Smoothies have TD4 Yogurt and probiotics that help the digestive system be more healthy.

Therefore, this is a suitable drink for those who have a passion for sports, supplementing health, enhancing sports performance, growth, and muscle recovery before and after participating in activities fitness regulates blood sugar, helps the body fight disease.

Can Boost Juice Bars replace a breakfast?

Yes, Boost Juice Bars can replace breakfast because Boost Juice Bars provides full nutrition for the body that helps you be more powerful to do exercise, study and work.

Boost Juice Bars’s nutritional supplements include Protein Smoothies (Whey Protein Supplements, suitable for those who exercise) and Super Smoothies (supplementary foods).

Has Boost Juice Bars used some sugar when preparing?

Boost Juice Bars does not use any sugar in preparing. All of the sweet tastes come from the origin of fruit’s sweetness that helps Customers be satisfied when drinking Boost Juice Bars.

Boost Juice Bars contains less than 10% sugar that comes from natural sources. Besides, smoothies of Boost Juice Bars only have 12% sugar averagely that origin from Fructose (fruit sugar) and sucrose (cane sugar), yogurt, and sorbet.


MIRI Cosmetics

Is MIRI Cosmetics suitable for oily skin?

MIRI Cosmetics are guaranteed to suit all skin types from normal skin, combination skin, oily skin, dry skin to sensitive skin to save time and effort, especially convenient for those who have time-limited.

MIRI Cosmetics Research Department has carefully filtered and selected natural ingredients that cause the least allergies to ensure skin safety.

In addition, MIRI will look at the skin and advise completely free of charge, about methods, dosage, and usage to suit the properties of each skin throughout the whole process.

Does MIRI Cosmetics reveal a creamy texture and make it sticky?

All MIRI products possess a lightweight, easy-to-absorb liquid cream that is completely non-greasy, does not reveal cream, helping to nourish and solve skin problems effectively.

Also, MIRI Cosmetics is suitable for all weather. In the summer, the skin will not be squash and sweat. MIRI Cosmetics also do not leave a thick foundation on the skin that gives users a pleasant feeling. In the winter, MIRI Cosmetics helps to curb dryness and flaking.

How does MIRI Cosmetics produce?

MIRI Cosmetics are manufactured under a high quality closed technology line, ensuring absolute safety and quality for each product.

Accordingly, the raw materials will be checked and sampled for testing. If the sample meets the requirements, it will be sent to the factory. Then, the materials are transferred to the weighing room through a pass box to clean materials before being put into production, and prepare them according to the specified process and formula. After the preparation process, the semi-finished product will be checked for quality. If products are satisfactory, it will be transferred to the filling department.

Through the process of applying strict production technology, products must be checked carefully at the last time by seasoned QA-QCs before canning and delivering to Customers.

Before circulating on the market, MIRI fully implemented procedures announced at the Drug Administration of Vietnam – Ministry of Health, based on the Agreement on the ASEAN Harmonized Cosmetic Regulatory Scheme.

What are the main ingredients of MIRI Cosmetics? Is it safe?

MIRI Cosmetics are mainly produced from natural ingredients such as plants, leaves, fruits, and minerals … we do not contain any artificial and synthetic ingredients. Therefore, the ingredients are very safe for all skin types.

Do MIRI Cosmetics contain corticosteroids?

MIRI Cosmetics don’t contain corticosteroids that are harmful to the skin.

Where is MIRI Cosmetics originated?

MIRI Cosmetics made in Vietnam, all raw materials are imported directly from the US, UK, France, Germany, Korea, Japan…

How to squeeze acne the right way?

First, you need to determine what type of pimple can be squeezed and what is not.

– Acne is molded: Non-inflammatory acne, blackheads, whiteheads, mild pustules.

– Acne is not squeezed: Acne inflammation (red around), severe pustules, red acne, acne cysts.

Next, when the core of the acne becomes dry, you can squeeze it. Besides, you need to clean and disinfect your hands before squeezing pimples, encourage the use of tool pimples and clean your skin, apply anti-acne cream after completing the acne process.

What is pH? Why need balance pH for skin?

– pH is a parameter to evaluate the alkalinity, acidity, or neutral of a compound. pH ranges from 0 to 14. The lower pH number means stronger acid, higher pH number means a stronger base.  The use of cosmetic products that contain a pH too high or too low accidentally destroys this acid robe, thereby creating a multitude of skin problems.


– When the pH is too low, the skin releases a lot of excess oil along with dirt, clog pores, causing acne. On the contrary, when the pH is too high, the skin is dry, leading to darkening, pigmentation, wrinkles, and premature aging. Therefore, it is necessary to balance the pH level to retain moisture as well as protect the skin from smog. The ideal pH for skin is 5.5.

Is it necessary to wash my face with a cleanser? Or just wash your face with clean water?

– You can wash your face with clean water. However, this is only suitable for countries that have a fairly clean climate and less environmental pollution.

– In Vietnam, climate pollution and 90% of Vietnamese people are combination-oily skin will need to be cleaned well to prevent clog pores and form acne. That is why for Vietnamese people, using a cleanser is very necessary. You should use a cleanser two times a day for maximum cleansing skin.


Royal Fish Sauce

How does Royal Fish Sauce produce?

Royal Fish Sauce is produced according to a closed process, ensuring food hygiene and safety. All ingredients from fish and salt are selected very carefully and rigorously before we put it into production. After the selection stage, the raw materials will be brewed using the compression method for a period from 1.5 to 2 years to produce a batch of fish sauce.

What is Traditional Fish Sauce? Is Royal Fish Sauce a Traditional Fish Sauce?

Traditional fish sauce is a fish sauce made entirely from two unique ingredients, fish and salt. Traditional fish sauce has many different brewing methods such as brewing or stirring.

Accordingly, brewing is a method where fish is mixed well with salt in the ratio of 3: 1, then marinated in barrels and compressed. This method uses the yeast in fish to break down the proteins of the fish meat, without adding water or stirring.

For the stirring method: The fish will be incubated with salt but add salt to the fish many times, add water, combine with stirring and heat naturally by sun-drying until ripe. And no matter what method is incubated, the whole process is free of any other ingredients.

Royal Fish Sauce is a traditional fish sauce created by 100% natural ingredients from Binh Thanh anchovies & pure Chi Cong salt, without adding any other elements and brewed by compression method.

Why does Royal Fish Sauce has such a price?

The reason why Royal fish sauce has such a price is due to the following outstanding features:

– In terms of quality perspective: Royal Fish Sauce is a 100% pure natural product, made from two unique ingredients, fish and salt, brewed traditionally for a period from 1.5 years to 2 years.

Besides, Hoang Gia uses Binh Thanh anchovy that has a higher price than other regions. The fish is fresh that is not marinaded ice and salt because it is caught near the shore.

Hoang Gia also uses Chi Cong salt, which has a salty taste moderately because it is affected by the erosion of freshwater. The production of this salt is quite scarce.

– In terms of aesthetics: Royal Fish Sauce is packaged in a high-class glass bottle that is very eye-catching and sophisticated design. Therefore, Royal Fish Sauce can be used for many different purposes. Also, Royal Fish Sauce is not only to be used as a condiment, but people can also use Royal fish sauce as a gift not only meaningful but also very luxurious.

Royal Fish Sauce not only ensures the quality inside but also the outside class, so the price is higher than many products of the same type is easy to understand.

What are the main ingredients in Royal Fish Sauce?

Royal Fish Sauce contains two unique ingredients. These are Binh Thanh anchovy and Chi Cong salt.

    • Binh Thanh anchovies: Type of fish caught in Binh Thanh sea (Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan). Binh Thanh anchovies scored 10 in freshness thanks to the near-shore fishing process. Therefore, the fish does not need to be salted or frozen to keep its freshness when entering the mainland.
    • Chi Cong Salt: The salt has a specific salty taste because the geographical element of the saltwater source in Chi Cong is invaded by the freshwater, making the water source here neither too salty nor too sweet. In particular, salt also undergoes the process of drying in storage from 6 months to a year, so it is no longer acrid. This process plus the characteristics of the water source are the factors that contribute to the special salinity of Royal fish sauce.
How much protein does Royal fish sauce have? Is the higher the protein, the better the fish sauce?

Royal fish sauce has 32 protein levels. Consumers have the habit of choosing products according to protein. They think that the higher the protein level of the fish sauce, the better it is.

However, pure fish sauce is brewed by traditional methods, and the natural protein content only gives a maximum of 10-30 (degrees) of protein. According to Professor – Dr. Nguyen Duy Thinh (Institute of Biotechnology and Food, Hanoi University of Technology), the protein in fish sauce is the hydrolysis of fish. Proteins are hydrolyzed to amino acids. According to this traditional hydrolysis method, the fish sauce will have its unique aroma, and the protein level of fish sauce is only at 20-30%.

To increase protein, manufacturers have to spend more money to refine, concentrate, so products with standard and traditional protein will have a high price. To choose to buy a delicious fish sauce, you do not just base on the amount of protein. You should study the ingredients information carefully and buy at a reputable address to ensure that this fish sauce is delicious, clean, and safe.

Does Royal Fish Sauce use additional ingredients when producing?

Royal Fish Sauce is made 100% natural ingredients from fish & salt without adding any other elements. Royal Fish Sauce has proven its product quality and passed the rigorous standards of the US Food and Drug Administration FDA.

How good is fish sauce made from natural ingredients?

Fish sauce made from natural ingredients is not only delicious but also good for health because anchovies are very benign and nutritious. Natural fish sauce contains a lot of calcium, vitamins, the right amount of protein, helps prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Also, the natural fish sauce also contains natural micronutrients such as iron, good for pregnant women. Royal Fish Sauce is made entirely from fresh natural ingredients in the ratio of 3 fish: 1 salt to bring a pure product line, safe for health.

Why does Traditional Fish Sauce change color? Is there any effect on health?

After using for a while, fish sauce contacts with the air directly, and the temperature change will make fish sauce discolored and salt residue at the top of the bottle. That is a normal phenomenon that does not affect the quality of the fish sauce.