Personnel Policies

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Van Xuan FMCG Investment (VXH) prefers to develop human resources than others that are one of the crucial elements for a successful Company. 

VXH always believes that human resources are the most valuable asset, so the Company is committed to creating a working environment that maximizes the capacity of each individual. Besides, we always pay attention to material life and the spirit of the entire Staff to ensure the income level commensurate with their dedication to the development of the Company.


Recruitment Policy

Recruitment is carried out following the Company’s development strategy in short terms and long terms, according to the annual plan and in each period.

The principle of recruitment policy is to select the best candidates for a suitable position based on the candidate’s qualifications and experience. Recruited staff is not only to meet the current requirements for the job but also a factor for development in the future. The recruitment policy is very fair and objective, regardless of gender, religion, or race.

Each job position will have its own recruitment criteria that comply with the Company’s recruitment process. In addition, the Company prioritizes candidates with a progressive, positive attitude, with good expertise, experience, and working capacity to meet the Company’s requirements.


Training Policy

VXH always creates opportunities for each individual to bring into full play their abilities as well as foster expertise, knowledge, and skills to meet job requirements.

For each career position, employees will have the opportunity to attend professional training courses according to their specific needs of work. The Company also encourages employees to learn from each other during their work, through internal training courses and self-training efforts of each member.


Welfare and Benefits Policy

VXH advocates building a welfare and remuneration policy to create conditions for employees in maintaining the corporate culture and stick of the Company for a long time.

Therefore, the salary and bonus regime of employees is paid on the principle of ensuring fairness, reasonableness, following the qualifications, capabilities, performance, quality of work of each employee.

All official employees of VXH are guaranteed to enjoy the policies following the Vietnamese Labor Law such as social insurance, health insurance, unemployment insurance.


Working Environment

VXH Company always maintains a comfortable, happy, and healthy competitive working environment because the Company’s development depends on the creativity, satisfaction, and excitement of the employees.

Activities are often held such as Company birthdays, year-end parties, Tet holidays … to create conditions for employees to have the opportunity to stick, create a spirit of solidarity for the whole Company.

In addition,  all departments are united and support each other to ensure work progress and complete the work best.